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Obtain and post oral histories re: Old Bannerman Town  
Dive and photograph James Cistern  
Add to Historic Timeline  
Locate and photograph additional Old Bannerman Town foundations  
Dive and photograph Fisher's Pond  
Dive and photograph Gully Hole  
Dive and photograph ocean hole at Rock Sound church  
Dive and photograph Ocean Hole in Rock Sound  
Take remaining photographs of Big Ban plantation  
Check out old airport on South Eleuthera and nearby Dealstown  
Visit and photograph Snake Hill church, school, and hole  
Visit Little Bay/Bar Bay and Indian Caves on Current Island  
Post AZUSA facility pics  
Post additional NAVFAC and AAFB photos  
Research and post photos of JC shipwreck  
Take below-water photos of the Gangmar wreck  
Finish fourth volume of base photos  
Visit Egg Island and photograph the wreck of the Arimaroa  
Add Taylor Pond entry  
Add Confederate ship entry  
Photograph Smuggler's Cave  
Photograph water level of Hatchet Bay Cave  
Post photos of Hatchey Bay Farm remnants  
Amend drug plane entry at Whale Point  
Showing 24 items